D. H. Lawrence: Lady Chatterley`s Lover


Every parting means a meeting elsewhere.

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Emotions that are ordered and given shape are more important than disorderly emotions.

So long as you can forget your body you are happy.

The physical sense of injustice is a dangerous feeling, once it is awakened. It must have outlet, or it eats away the one in whom it is aroused.

After all you only lived one life, and if you missed the bus, you were just left on the pavement, along with the rest of the failures.

Perhaps the human soul needs excursions, and must not be denied them. But the point of an excursion is that you come home again.

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It`s the life-long companionship that matters. It`s the living together from day to day, not the sleeping together once or twice.

What the eye doesn`t see and the mind doesn`t know, doesn`t exist.


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