Fate Quotes


There isn`t a way things should be. There`s just what happens, and what we do.

Terry Pratchett

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You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.

Maya Angelou

No matter what your history has been, your destiny is what you create today.

Steve Maraboli

Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might never have imagined.

Deepak Chopra


The die is cast.

Julius Caesar


Life`s a wheel of fortune and it`s my chance to spin it.

Tupac Amaru Shakur

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There is no in between; your life is either random or predetermined.

Scott Adams


Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.

Boris Pasternak


It is difficult, when faced with a situation you cannot control, to admit you can do nothing.

Lemony Snicket

Mournful and yet grand is the destiny of the artist.

Ferenc Liszt


In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Chance encounters are what keep us going.

Haruki Murakami


While we may judge things as good or bad, karma doesn`t. It`s a simple case of like gets like, the ultimate balancing act, nothing more, nothing less.

Alyson Noel


You can`t escape karma, Ever. It is what it is. It doesn`t judge, it`s neither good nor bad like most people think. It`s the result of all actions, positive and negative.

Alyson Noel


Fate is nothing but the deeds committed in a prior state of existence.

Alyson Noel


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