Quotes about Trust


Where large sums of money are concerned, it is advisable to trust nobody.

Agatha Christie

Honest people are a refuge: You know they mean what they say; you know they will not say one thing to your face and another behind your back; you know they will tell you when they think you have failed - and for this reason their praise cannot be mistaken for mere flattery.

Sam Harris


The nature of promises is that they remain immune to changing circumstances.

House of Cards (movie)

It takes a long time to grow an old friend, and trust is built a single moment at a time.

Nicholas Sparks

Does trust have to be earned? Or is it simply a matter of faith?

Nicholas Sparks


To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.

George MacDonald

Tis a great confidence in a friend to tell him your faults; greater to tell him his.

Benjamin Franklin

The trust of the innocent is the liar`s most useful tool.

Stephen King


I don`t trust anyone who doesn`t laugh.

Maya Angelou


Our mistrust of the future makes it hard to give up the past.

Chuck Palahniuk

If you wish others to believe in you, you must first convince them that you believe in them.

Harvey Mackay

Never trust anyone who wants what you`ve got. Friend or no, envy is an overwhelming emotion.

Eubie Blake

But you can`t fool your friends [...]. Not the people who love you.

Stephen King

It is better to be faithful than famous.

Theodore Roosevelt


We`re never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy.

Walter Anderson


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