Author (number of quotes)Description
Allen, Woody (23)American author, actor, director and producer
Anderson, Harry (1)American actor and magician
Azevedo, Sasha (1)American actress
Bailey, Pearl (3)American actress
Barrymore, Drew (1)American actress
Bejar, Hada (1)actor
Bennett, Alan (2)British playwright, screenwriter, actor and author
Bergman, Ingrid (4)Swedish actress
Berle, Milton (1)American comedian and actor
Bon Jovi, Jon (2)American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor
Boone, Pat (1)pen name of Charles Eugene Boone, American singer, actor and author
Bowie, David (3)English musician, actor and producer
Brando, Marlon (1)American actor
Brody, Adrien (4)American actor and film producer
Butler, Brett (1)American actress
Carlin, George (7)Comedian, actor, author
Chakiris, George (1)American dancer, actor and singer
Chaplin, Charlie (5)English actor, director
Cocteau, Jean (4)French poet, author, painter, actor, composer and director
Cosby, Bill (6)American actor and comedian
Crawford, Joan (1)American actress
Crosby, Bing (1)American singer and actor
Dean, James (1)American actor
Dietrich, Marlene (2)German actress and singer
Fawcett, Farrah (1)American actress
Fields, William Claude (2)American actor and comedian
Flagg, Fannie (1)stage name of Patricia Neal, American author and actor/actress
Fry, Stephen (2)English comedian, author and actor
Geldof, Bob (2)Irish-born singer, composer, actor and activist
Hepburn, Audrey (5)English–Dutch-born American-English actress
Jones, James Earl (1)American actor
Lee, Bruce (9)American martial arts instructor and actor
Levant, Oscar (2)American musician, actor, author
Loren, Sophia (1)Italian actress
Lovato, Demi (4)American actress and singer
Lugosi, Béla (3)Hungarian-American actor
Madonna (3)stage name of Madonna Louise Ciccone, Italian -born American singer, actor/actress
Martin, Steve (1)American actor, comedian, author, producer, musician
Marx, Chico (1)American actor
Marx, Groucho (3)American actor and comedian
McConaughey, Matthew (1)American actor
Monroe, Marilyn (20)American singer and actress
Parton, Dolly (1)American singer, actress
Pattinson, Robert (1)English-born actor, modell, musician
Pinero, Arthur Wing (1)English actor, author and director
Pinter, Harold (1)English screenwriter, director and actor
Presley, Elvis Aaron (2)American musician and actor
Rathbone, Basil (1)South Africa-born English actor
Rickman, Alan (2)English actor
Rodriguez, Paul (2)Mexican-born American actor
Rogers, Kenny (1)American singer, actor
Rogers, Will (2)American comedian, actor
Russell, Keri (1)American actress
Schwarzenegger, Arnold (6)Austrian and American bodybuilder, actor, politician
Sedaris, Amy (1)American actress, author, and comedian
Shakespeare, William (12)English playwright, poet, actor
Shore, Dinah (1)American singer and actress
Sinatra, Frank (2)American musician and actor
Tomlin, Lily (3)American actress, producer, author
Ustinov, Peter (3)English actor, director, author
Wayne, John (1)American actor
West, Mae (5)American actress
Williams, Robin (1)American actor, director, producer
Wilson, Flip (1)American comedian and actor
Wilson, Thomas Francis (1)American actor, author and comedian
Winfrey, Oprah (5)American media proprietor, talk show host, actress
Wisdom, Norman (1)English actor and comedian

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